Welcome to CC International


We are an International haulage company that specializes in General Haulage & Logistics, with our transport service being efficient and reliable to make sure we can get every job right. We have customers that trust CC International Transport to keep their freight on the road.

We work with those who require International haulage as well as our logistical service we have depots located throughout Europe with its central distribution center based in Stuggart, Germany.

Logistics and Haulage

We currently own five logistical distribution centers throughout Europe and one in the United States. We have designated qualified drivers and logistics staff located at each distribution center that work around the clock to ensure that your freight is on the move to the required location where ever it may be.

Overseas Transportation

When you transport your freight with CC International Transport, We can transport from Europe to the United States when you choose overnight shipping. Due to the recent expansion and introduction of the Aviation company we can ship overseas for half the cost of our competitors.


CC International Transport, is a part of the CC International Group which is the parent organization of all operations.