CC International Transport is our Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator Company, Based in Dover Seaport, Dover, England.
We haul across Europe, Partake in Weekly Convoys, Almost Monthly Events.
Supporting Promods users and TruckersMP Users


 We have teamed with Virtual JetBlue to take to the skies across the globe, We have included an opt-in option for the members of CC International Transport and visa-versa!. We even included an Information tab in the Discord Server for VirtualJetBlue.


We have added progessive ranks to our discord server, Progess through six different ranks based on the distance you have logged on our logging system.

Drivers are given the Rookie role once they join the community, with Intermediate around the corner drivers can progress into the Million Mile Club over a long space of time. We might even consider adding more ranks between Seasoned and Million Mile Club.


CEO & Founder
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Ryan K

VirtualJetBlue Director
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